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Puppy Identification Collars - 30 & over

Puppy Identification Collars - 30 & over


The perfect way to identify individual puppies from birth until they leave for their new home.​


Available in a variety of colours and patterns and in 3/8" / 10mm grosgrain ribbon, this collar is the perfect easy to identify young puppies within minutes of their birth. 


A favourite with breeders of all breed types, the collars are made to order for your specific breed and also provided are colour co-ordinated soft foam disposable collars that can be used from birth. 


They assist in the immediate and easy monitoring of individual puppies growth, close monitoring for health or testing and provide prospective owners the ability to identify their new addition to the family, at a glance.

SKU: 30 and over
  • Safety Information

    PLEASE NOTE:  PUP-ID cannot be held responsible for death or

    injury to puppies wearing pup-id collars. As with all collars, care

    should be taken to ensure that they are fitted correctly,(not too tight or too loose).  Constant checks should be made on the litter to

    ensure puppies are well and the collars are still intact. Any collars

    that have been chewed, need to be removed immediately as, they

    could present a choking hazard.

  • Soft Foam Shoe Lace Collars

    Disposable Foam Collars - Just born & small puppies – place the

    shoe lace collar around the neck and tie in a knot.  Check and gently stretch daily to ensure the shoe lace collar is not too tight.  They can

    last for approx 1-2 weeks and then the adjustable collars can be


  • Ordering Information & Ribbon Choice

    Please choose your desired ribbon pattern and colour using the numbers beside the designs (See Photos).  Provide your Breed and your Contact Telephone number when ordering.

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