From Season to Sale - Advise & Guidance

From Season to Sale - Advise & Guidance


Making the decision to breed from your bitch and rear a litter of puppies can be a daunting and overwhelming experience at the best of times, doing it with support and guidance over the 19 week period can be the difference between a successful outcome or an experience never to be repeated.


Breeding can be an extremely rewarding experience and we would like to support you in your new venture. We are here to offer the friendly ear at the end of the phone, the understanding and guidance if something takes a turn for the worse and the celebrating when you have reared a litter of healthy, happy puppies taking their first steps with their new owners.

  • How Does it Work?

    Once you have added this service to your basket and made the payment, we will receive an order confirmation.  Upon receipt of this, we will contact you direct using your preferred method, to discuss your initial thoughts and requirments. 

    The 19 weeks support starts from when your bitch comes into season to when the puppies leave for their new homes.

    We are at the end of the phone to support, guide and help you through this process.

  • What Do I Get?

    You will receive 1-1 advice and guidance, covering a wide range of breeding, whelping and rearing topics.  The session lasts for 19 weeks, from your bitches season, to the sale of your puppies.

    Remener, we are just a phone call away.