Introduction To Breeding - Advice & Guidance

Introduction To Breeding - Advice & Guidance


Are you thinking of breeding from your bitch or using your dog at stud, we are here to start you in the right direction.


The ins and out of breeding can be daunting and a practical mine field but with the support of our seasoned and knowledgeable breeding members, we can guide, support and assist you to achieve your goal.


Guided by you but supported by us, we can cover topics like How old should my bitch be? When will I know she is ready to mate? What breed specific health tests do I need? Will it change my dogs temperament? How and where does the mating actually take place? and so on..............

  • How Does it Work?

    Once you have added this service to your basket and made the payment, we will receive an order confirmation.  Upon receipt of this, we will contact you direct using your preferred method, to make an appointment to go forward.

  • What Do I Get?

    You will receive 1-1 advice and guidance, covering a wide range of breeding, whelping and rearing topics.  The session lasts approx 15 mins.

    Included but not limited to: -

    Mating your bitch, Using your dog at stud, Whelping Puppies, Rearing Puppies, Care of my Bitch, Weaning and food advise etc.....